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Why Choose PEASD?

Dear Palmyra – Eagle Parents, Guardians and Care Givers:

As a parent myself, there are several things that you should expect your child’s school to provide.  One is a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment and the other is a teacher or teachers who know and care about your child while at the same time providing them with high quality learning opportunities and a personalized approach to teaching.

There are many advantages offered in the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District which reflect these expectations and I would like for you to be aware of what is offered to you and your child in your chosen school district.

One of our main advantages is our small class sizes.  Smaller class sizes allow our teachers and staff more time to give students individual attention that fosters learning.  A junior last year has indicated that, “I have attended school in this District for twelve years and have had an exceptional experience.  When I started kindergarten the teachers already knew who I was because I had two older siblings who attended school.  I was never just a number.  The teachers got to know me and I continue great relationships with many of them.” 

Palmyra-Eagle High School is a top-tier school and last year’s graduating senior class was awarded a total of nearly $350,000 in scholarship monies.  An underclassman has reported that “my academic career has been exceptional.  I am able to take as many AP courses as my schedule will allow, however, Palmyra-Eagle high school offers more AP courses that I could ever possibly take.  Graduates of P-EASD have been accepted to many top-tier colleges and universities and have performed exceptionally well in their chosen post-secondary field of study.  Clearly, the foundation to future success began with the experiences and learning challenges presented to these former students prior to their graduation.

As a smaller school district an effort has been made to maintain opportunities for students the larger districts do: art, music, sports, FACE, forensics and musicals, FFA, various club organizations, ACT preparation, and Advanced Placement classes.  A senior student this coming school year has commented that, “my opportunities have not been limited to our school’s small size.  At the high school alone, I have been able to participate in the National Honor Society, FFA, Spanish Club, Stand Tall, volleyball, track and every school musical.”  Due to cost-savings measures a number of school districts have opted to significantly reduce or eliminate programs that have a proven record of success in the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District.

Every school in the district has received major upgrades to instructional technology, building security and energy savings related to heating, cooling and ventilation. These upgrades will provide a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment and will create a foundation to build upon technology needs for both students and staff in the future.  A sound infrastructure is necessary before various technological devices are purchased for classroom and student and staff use.

Recently, the Board of Education approved and hired its first ever full-time Director of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum.  This person will be the primary driver to the alignment of high quality instruction to recognized state standards and will oversee, along with building principals, the implementation of best practices in instruction in every classroom in the district regardless of school location.  Enhancements in teacher and staff evaluation processes will also provide assurances to you that the district will hire, support and maintain a highly qualified teaching staff in its schools.

The district and its employees wish to develop and encourage a two-way communication with each of its parents, guardians, caregivers and families and we ask that you contact us with any questions or concerns about your child’s education.

Additionally, I would strongly urge you to arrange to meet with the leaders in each of our schools personally and tour the school facility at your convenience.

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Dr. Steven M. Bloom

Palmyra-Eagle Area School District




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