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School Counselor
At the elementary and middle school level, the district offers direct classroom activities to reinforce the important life (and school) skills that parents are teaching at home.  Skills include issues such as responsibility, self-discipline, good judgment, and how to get along with others.  Included in this format are activities that address protective behaviors and violence prevention.  Our guidance counselors at this level also meet with individual students to help improve communication with others, social skills, problem-solving, anger control, school anxiety, understanding the importance of good attendance, listening, and classroom participation.  Small group and individual counseling is also provided that address students' needs as they arise. 
Peer mediation skills are also offered to all students at the middle school.  The guidance counselors monitor these programs.  Both the middle and high school guidance counselors are very involved with scheduling students and monitoring student academic progress.  Our testing program is monitored and coordinated by the pupil services department, with the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services serving as the District Assessment Coordinator.  District testing results are also interpreted and reported to the district.
At the high school level, guidance services also include individual and small group counseling, based on the needs of students.   The guidance office also coordinates, and explains the results of special testing not done on all students, such as the ACT, SAT, MAPS, PSAT, etc., as students prepare for post-high school education.  Scholarship opportunities are available through that office.  Much emphasis is on preparing and informing students for the world of work and helping to organize various special events, like orientation and awards evenings.
The district also has adopted the Wisconsin Guidance Model.  Part of this model calls for each eighth and tenth grade student to meet, preferably with their parents, with their counselor to discuss vocational issues.  This helps to prepare students for what they will need for a successful transition out of high school and why they need to take certain classes or be involved in certain extracurricular activities.  All eighth grade students take the EXPLORE test and all tenth grade students take the PLAN test as part of this model.


Samantha Fell
Palmyra Elementary and Eagle Elementary School Counselor


Eagle Elementary
262-594-2148 x4122

Palmyra Elementary
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Renee Cookstrom
Middle School/High School Counselor


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